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If you are new to ebikes, you've come to the right place! OLIC Ebikes is your best spot for all of your electric bicycles. Our ebikes are easy to ride and so much more fun than regular bikes that do not have the electric assist motor to help you go up hills, go further, or go faster! Contact OLIC Ebikes today.

A folding electric OLIC Ebike has have two ways to get power when you ride:

  1. Pedal second gets power;
  2. Right hand bar Throttle

A folding electric OLIC Ebike is easy to ride just like a regular bicycle same components, But has much more power that human couldn’t have; it makes obstacles like hills and headwind manageable and allows you to travel further without getting tired.

  • Foldable & electric capability--Easy transportation
  • Aluminum material--Light weight easy to carry
  • Small size--Folding to small size easy to store
  • Variable speeds-- Easy to control
  • More power--500W
  • Speed control--Up to 20MPH
  • Good range--A single charge up to 45 miles
  • Two suspensions front and back--More comfortable
  • Safety--Two keys more safer
  • Hand hold--Charge your phone in riding


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