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Take Your Ride to the Next Level with a Full-Service E-Bike Shop

Take Your Ride to the Next Levelwith a Full-Service E-Bike Shop

Whether you visit our retail locations in person or browse our bikes online, we’ve plenty of options to satisfy your e-bike needs. From parts and repairs to brand-new models and accessories, let us help you get ahead on your new electric bike.

Cycling Club Member Benefits

  1. Free maintenance once a year(excluding accessories cost)
  2. Enjoy the replacement of old model ebike with new ones, convert old model into credit and pay the difference
  3. Enjoy a 10-25% discount when buying a new model (different models have different discount rates)
  4. The referral fee of $100-$200 for recommending guests can be used as a credit line to pay for membership fees, maintenance fees, etc.
  5. Review us on Yelp to choose form $50 to $100 worth of bike accessories

The Journey to Scout Camp: The Donation of the OLICBIKE THREE WHEELER

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