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As proud industry leaders, when our market evolves, so does our mission. We started OLICeBike in 2016, working hard to provide the highest-value, entry-level e-bike in the current market. Now that we’ve done that, we’re moving forward with a vision to create long-distance, intensively durable equipment for the long haul. From California’s coastal beaches to the steepest hills of San Francisco, you can trust that your bike was made to last

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  • Turbocharge Marathon

  • Top BC & BCS 750

  • Top Power 750

  • Top OffRd 750

  • Top Tricycle 750

  • Supper Mini 500

  • 1x1 One Arm Fold ELF 500

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We’re your full-service stop for any and all Olic-eBike needs. For over 7 years, we’ve offered unbeatable, factory-direct pricing on bikes, parts, and accessories alongside reasonable rates for repairs. Check out our online shop to find your next ride.

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Ebikes DesignedWith Durability In Mind

See how our bikes handle the harsh conditions, wear, and tear of the real world. We’ve tested our bikes on every terrain, pounded them with salt and waves, and even left them outdoors for extended amounts of time. Our bikes always hold up.